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                Product categories

                Advanced Product:SMART
                Charge with AC/PV MPPT charger
                Pure sine wave AC output, DC output, USB output

                Cost-effective Product: S\CIS
                Pure sine wave inverter
                Inverter Control Integrated Machine

                Function Machine:B Series
                Square Wave Inverter

                PV charger

                PRODUCT CENTER

                ABOUT US

                Xiamen HisolarTechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city.
                Hisolar is a high-tech factory and exporter integratingR&D, production and sales of small car inverter, mod
                ified wave inverter, pure sine wave inverter, battery charger, solar controller,  inverter with charger, solar and wind power systems, wind and PV hybrid inverter, grid-connected inverter, DC-AC switching power supply and other series of high-tech energy-saving products.
                With advanced equipment and professional technical elite team, Haiso provides high quality products and satisfactory service for customers.


                • Jul2017
                  專業生產包括小型車載逆變器、修正波逆變器、純正弦波逆變器、電池充電器、太陽能控制器、純正弦波帶充電逆變器,修正波帶充電逆變器,太陽能和風能系統、風光互補式逆變器、 并網式逆變器、DC-AC開關電源等多個系列的高科技電源節能型產品
                • Jul2017
                  專業生產包括小型車載逆變器、修正波逆變器、純正弦波逆變器、電池充電器、太陽能控制器、純正弦波帶充電逆變器,修正波帶充電逆變器,太陽能和風能系統、風光互補式逆變器、 并網式逆變器、DC-AC開關電源等多個系列的高科技電源節能型產品。
                • Jul2017
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